Ways to Décor Your Home with Paper Crafts

We all did try our hands at paper art activities while in school and thoroughly enjoyed the easy to do process that produced stunning handiwork. Paper crafts can become a convenient substitute to store bought home décor articles. Presenting 10 such popular paper crafts that are a must try for a home décor enthusiast.

1. Accent Wall

A cluster of large paper flowers can get on your wall to create an accent wall in your living room. The larger the flowers are, the bigger is the visual interest set up on your wall. These lovely DIY flower making options are sure to give you a lot of ideas to create a beautiful accent wall. Accent walls are a great source of putting that extra something in your home. By bringing focus to one of the walls in your living room, you create a beautiful illusion.

decoration2. 3D Wall Art

Just like charming 3D wall decals, you can make 3D wall art with simple paper craft ideas. By using more colors, you can create a visually appealing wall art. These paper crafts are ideal for small spaces like the nursery, hallway, foyer and the kid’s room.

3. Rosettes Wreath

Wreaths are apparently made using the evergreens to symbolize strength and which material is the best alternative than the paper itself? A wreath made of paper can last almost forever if you use the right kind of paper & accessories. Christmas or not, a paper rose wreath is the best décor item for your door, mantel, wall or mirror.

4. Colorful Photo Frames

Only rolled craft paper glued together can create a stunning picture frame. The best part is, you can use an array of leftover craft papers and create useful picture frames.

5. Refurbish Fan Blades

Your fan blades need not be a dull metal finish if you have the time to give them an appealing makeover. Stick colorful craft paper on your fan blades to make it look impressive.

6. Trendy Chevron Art

Chevron is an in-thing in current home décor. With a wee bit of patience and geometric precision, you can create an awesome chevron pattern for your wall.

7. Statement Frame

Create your statement cut-out from newspaper and frame it to create a distinctly framed art. One such structure can make a significant impact in the entryway of your home.

8. Paper Tiles

Interesting magazine pictures can go on wooden blocks to create image tiles. Arrange these blocks in an unusual pattern to create a focal point in your living room. This interesting pattern on the wall is best complemented with attractive Persian rugs. You might want to check out Persian rugs for sale offered online by reputable rug dealers tied to the weaving source.

9. Shadow Box Art

Shadow boxes are excellent for home décor if you want to change it with every season because there is no limitation to the kind of things that can be displayed in a shadow box. Let your imagination run wild – you can show paper punched butterflies for summer, pumpkins during fall and much more.

10. Hang In Style

Give a makeover to plain clothes hangers by sticking fun craft paper on them. Beautiful hangers add a zing to your wardrobe to suit the vibrant clothes that are hung on them. So whenever you open up your closet, it will seem full of life.

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