10 Tricks to Make Your Kitchen Look and Feel Spacious

A spacious kitchen space is quite ideal to most of us because it offers comfort and convenience. When you have insufficient counter space, full working area, or squeezed space for appliances, probably the handiness of working within the room becomes involved. However, you can do something to improve the kitchen instead of pulling down the walls to expand the space. To create a feeling of a spacious kitchen, the following improvement tricks can be highly useful.

Install Glass Cabinet Doors

Instead of cluttering the interior with decorating junks, only install cabinet doors with glass ones to enhance visibility. In other words, glass doors enable you to see through up to the back of the cabinets, making space look a bit larger. Glass is always elegant, and it will get rid of the dullness of the room.

large-spacious-kitchenMatch the Color of Cabinets With the Walls

Using a single color on both interior kitchen walls and the cabinets creates uniformity and a good visual impression. Pale colors are probably ideal because they make space appear bigger, but the choice of color may depend on your taste and preference. If you love going dark, ultimately the walls and cabinets will look further away from your working triangle.

Choose Perfect Furniture for Space

If you feel your kitchen is tiny, of course, the furniture should not compromise your comfort while doing your stuff. Kitchen furniture come in different sizes and shapes, and therefore you can select narrow tables, slim chairs, and streamlined stools to create a more spacious working triangle. Also, small islands have been found to be ideal for tiny kitchens, since they add some visual vastness.

Recess Storage Units

Shelves, pantry, or cabinets are the common storage units in the kitchen. If you can tuck them right on the wall, you will reduce obstacles from the working area. It also improves kitchen’s flow and thus enhancing comfort and convenience.

Tailored Design of Kitchen Elements

A tiny kitchen stuffed with large corbels, elaborate cabinetry, and other sophisticated details make space feel overcrowded. Tailoring the elements creates a smooth working space, which also feels bigger. Also, avoid putting too many things that you barely use because they will be congesting the room.

Merge the Breakfast Room With the Kitchen

In case your kitchen is too small to fit all the necessary furniture and appliances, then you need to consider merging the breakfast room with the kitchen. Some of the rooms are separated with the kitchen by a shorter wall, making it appear as a kitchen extension. So, you can merge the two spaces to create a larger kitchen that fits all essential stuff.

Open Shelvinkitchen

It is ideal to incorporate open shelves to make space appear roomier. It lightens the space such that your eyes can feel some visual comfort rather than creating a substantial visual load in the tiny room. To achieve sleeker visual impression, you may consider floating shelves instead of those with brackets.

Focus on a Few Essential Items

Depending on the items you need in the kitchen, it is advisable to focus on what is essential and put the rest in another space. More important, avoid overcrowding shelves, cabinets, and counters with clutter because it will make them appear bulgy and buggy.

Direct the Look Upward

The space of a kitchen may feel bigger if you direct the look upward by selecting visual patterns that can achieve it. For instance, you can use vertical lines on the ceiling and walls to create an impression of a roomier space.

Allow the Room to Stay Illuminated

Lighting is a good idea to make a kitchen space feel bigger. Once you have matched the cabinet and wall colors, you also need to install relatively brighter lighting. However, this doesn’t mean you put lights at all corners because it can interrupt the natural feel of the space. Also, let the windows allow natural light to enter freely.

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